Legislação Comunitária

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Resolução CM/Res(2017) 43 - on principles concerning haemophilia therapies. (substitui a Resolução CM/Res(2015) 3



Resolução CM/Res(2015) 3 - on principles concerning haemophilia therapies.

Resolução CM/Res(2015) 2 - on principles concerning human immunoglobulin therapies for immunodeficiency and other diseases. 



Resolução CM/Res (2013) 56 - on the development and optimisation of live kidney donation programmes.

Reslução CM/Res (2013) 55 - on establishing procedures for the collection and dissemination of data on transplantation activities outside a domestic transplantation system.

Resolução CM/Res(2013) 3  - on sexual beahaviours of blood donors that have an impact on transfusion safety.



Resolução (CM/Res (2008) 6 - on transplantation of kidneys from living donors who are not genetically related to the recipient.

Resolução CM/Res (2008) 5  - on donor responsibility and on limitation to donation of blood and blood components.

Resolução CM/Res (2008) 4 - on adult-to-adult living donor liver transplantation.



Resolução CM/Res (78) 29 - on harmonisation of legislations of member states relating to removal, grafting and transplantation of human substances.



Resolução (68) 32 - Establishment in Amsterdam of a European blood bank of rare groups